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Building A Word Cloud Using R

In this article, I will show you how to use text data to build word clouds in R. We will use a dataset containing around 25 comments on NPS score (The Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from 1 to 5 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others). The dataset can be downloaded here.

library(tm) # Text Mining package
library(SnowballC) # Porter's word stemming algorithm
library(wordcloud) # Word cloud package
library(RColorBrewer) # Adding color to words

# Read the data
NPS_4_and_5 <- read.csv('E:\\Dropbox\\Training\\Blogs\\Word Cloud Using R\\NPS_Score_4_and_5.csv', stringsAsFactors = F) dim(NPS_4_and_5) # 25 4 # Merging Response_1 and Response_2 NPS_4_and_5$Response <- paste0(NPS_4_and_5$Response_1, '. ', NPS_4_and_5$Response_2) # Create a corpus and convert it to plain text corpus = Corpus(VectorSource(NPS_4_and_5$Response)) corpus = tm_map(corpus, PlainTextDocument) corpus[[1]] # Convert to lower-case corpus = tm_map(corpus, tolower) corpus[[1]] # Remove punctuation corpus = tm_map(corpus, removePunctuation) # Remove stopwords stpWords <- read.csv('E:\\Dropbox\\Training\\Blogs\\Word Cloud Using R\\Other Stop Words.csv', stringsAsFactors = F) corpus = tm_map(corpus, removeWords, c(tolower(stpWords$Stop_Words), stopwords("english"))) corpus[[1]] # Stem document corpus = tm_map(corpus, stemDocument) corpus[[1]] # Creating word cloud wordcloud(unlist(corpus), max.words = 60, random.order = F, colors=brewer.pal(8, "Dark2"))

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